Counsel to Professional Equestrians

Practice Area


Whether competing at the Olympic World Class level or in training levels at national shows, the athlete’s right to compete on a level playing field is paramount.


Training horses and riders in today’s competitive environment requires not only years of riding and training experience but also the ability to manage an ever complex world of relationships with athletes, owners, federation officials, and accountants, as well as bearing the risk of litigation in connection with injuries and horse transactions.


Owning, leasing and selling competitive sport horses whether as part of a business or personal asset creates both financial opportunity and financial risk.

Facility Owners

Owning and running an equestrian operation is financial undertaking that is both rewarding and risky.

Competition Management

Competition management must deal with an increasingly complex set of federation regulations, liability and risk management issues, sponsorship relations, supply contracting, licensed officials and competitors.

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It’s no secret; if you do not get paid for your horse training, boarding, or professional services, you will not be in business for long. Horses are expensive to own and keep, and when clients don’t pay bills, those costs still must be paid. Whether it is an expensive horse that competes at the top […]


Show jumping today is becoming less accessible to more Americans as the costs of participating increase. This is a dangerous trend, because the wealthy rider has become the new normal. Fifty years ago, riders made their way up the ranks riding both good and bad horses owned by others; now, most grand prix riders or […]